A 450$ worth PlayStation, how do I convince my parents to let me one? Was that your thought when you played a game of it and wanted the whole console at your home?

Seeing lot of fans, searching a method to hack the games or searching software’s to get a free code, the website psnadder.com has come to rescue for all the wanderers.

What should one do to get free PSN code?

Visit the website psnadder.com. Clicks connect and add the PSN username. Click “Verify now” and choose 1 offer/survey to complete. Fill the survey and take home a guaranteed PSN code.

That’s it. Start playing.

Is this absolutely free?

Yes, this is purchased by the marketing firms, who give it to customers for free in exchange of filling the survey form. That means they are sponsoring your whole day entertainment. And that also means there if you are looking for free PSN codeno survey, then this website is not your place.

free psn codes

Is the code generated 100 %genuine?

Yes, the code is 100 %genuine. All the users are going crazy because of the feature of unlimited PSN code generation without any software download and without any malware. Everything happens on web base.

Do you get free PSN codes no survey completion?

No, the site strictly follows the policy of “No survey No free PSN code”. If you cannot spare 2 minutes in exchange of unlimited fun then, this might put you in difficulty.

What if my codes turn out to be invalid?

Although there is no such case being reported, but still in worst scenario you can go back and complete another survey and get redeemable code. The website regularly checks all the codes refreshes the database and take complete care of its users.

So what can be a better deal than this website is offering?


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