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buah merah gold review pay glowing tribute to buah merah gold. This is due to the fact that this health drink in addition to having antioxidant properties helps the users in various ways. It has Vitamins A, C, B, in addition to a whole host of minerals which ensures the user is kept fit and healthy. One of the main components of this drink is Guyabano.

What is Guyabano

Guyabano is a fruit of the Graviola tree. This fruit works as a sedative and as a tonic for the nerves. It maintains the health of the intestines and it relives patients suffering from stomach distress, cough, asthma, pain as well as fever.

Contents of Guyabano

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C as well as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. It also contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, carbohydrates and fiber.

buah merah gold review3

Benefits of Guyabano

Guyabano is given for cancer prevention as well as reduction of chemotherapy side effects. It alleviates pain especially pain that stems as a result of rheumatism, back problems and arthritis.

Due to the high concentration of Vitamin C, the amount of harmful bacteria is prevented in the urinary tract. So it acts as a preventive measure for those who suffer from urinary tract infections.

It provides relief for those suffering from migraines as it contains riboflavin. It also helps anemic persons due to it’s iron rich content. It also prevents constipation as it is rich in fiber and due to the presence of copper, the absorption power of calcium is increased and bones benefit as a result of it. Due to the presence of potassium, leg cramps are prevented and in general it helps boost the energy levels of the person consuming it. The combination of effects of this ingredient is the reason that this product is rated so high among it’s consumers.

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